Kanye West set to sell his old remodeled Balenciaga clothes with “YE24” label at $20 each

American rapper, songwriter, record producer, and fashion designer, Kanye West has showcased his old Balenciaga clothes he wants to sell to fans

Each cloth he says is selling for only $20 so people can afford it because he believes in equality for all. He says he wants to make sure the people get the best thing.


Kanye West fan; “You’ve hurt my Jewish wife & her community, she refuses to have s*x with me but I still love you”

A Kanye West fans has said that the rapper hurts his Jewish wife and her community but he still loves him and due to that she refuses to have s*x with him.

According to Jorhin, he was raised with Kanye’s music.

“Kanye my name is Jorhon Mülholland. I just want you to know that I still love you. You’ve hurt my Jewish wife @malpal3 & her community multiple times but theres just something about you I can’t let go. I was raised on your music. My wife refuses to have s*x w me bc of this. Idc”, he said under Kanye’s tweet.

Kanye West has not replied to his claims yet.

Kanye West reacts after Elon Musk unblocked his Twitter account

Kanye West has reacted after Elon Musk unblocked his Twitter account days after it was suspended.

According to Kanye West in his recent tweet, he has been testing and testing to see if he has been unblocked by Elon Musk, the new Twitter boss.

“Testing Seeing if my Twitter is unblocked”, Kanye said in a tweet.


Why Kanye West’s Twitter and Instagram account has been locked

Kanye West’s Twitter and Instagram accounts have been locked because of antisemitic posts by the rapper, now known legally as Ye. Spokespersons for Twitter and Instagram parent Meta said Sunday that Ye posted messages that violated their policies.

Fans reactions to Kanye West returning to Twitter

There were some fans reactions after Kanye West returned to Twitter.


“Kanye and Trump back on twitter in the space of a day.”

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