Jeanette Biedermann ; Biography, Education and Music career

Jeanette Biedermann is a Renowned German singer born on 22 February 1980 in Bezirk Frankfurt, East Germany being the only child of Bernd and Marion Biedermann.

Education and Career

Following the completion of her high school education, Jeanette went on to attend beauty school. After her secondary school graduation, she started receiving vocational training as a hairdresser.

Jeanette began performing professionally on the stage of the Circus Lilliput at the age of six where she appeared as a member of a troupe of acrobats.

However she cut her education short in 1999 after she had participated and emerged victorious in the Bild-Schlagerwettbewerb talent contest where she won over 270,000 other contestants.

Jeanette shot to fame within the entertainment industry following the release of her debut studio album Enjoy! (2000) from which she dropped her hit single “Go Back”. She has been making waves since.

She is presently ranked as one of the most influential and highest-selling German singers in the world. She has earned a few awards to her name and has also starred in various films and television projects, including crime series Tatort (2006), spoofing film Dörte’s Dancing (2008), and the Sat.1 telenovela Anna und die Liebe.

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