“It wasn’t an accident not a dice game”, Eyewitness speaks about Takeoff’s sh00ting

An alleged eyewitness at the scene where Migos rapper, Takeoff was sh0t and k!lled has said the whole fiasco was an accident and not over a dice game as widely reported.

The two were visiting friends and acquaintances for the holidays when Takeoff was shot and died in Houston; Quavo was NOT shot on Halloween. Rapper Takeoff passed away as a result of the incident’s gunshot wounds.

According to the preliminary information that was provided to us, Quavo met up with a handful of his buddies in the Fifth Ward area of Houston’s Northside. After some time had passed, the two and their friends traveled to South Houston for a private celebration of Mr. J. Prince’s son Jas’ birthday.

However, an argument that took place after the celebration caused Takeoff to lose his life. You can view some of the accounts of what individuals there stated based on the initial tweets and information gathered below.

Reports circulating said the gunsh0t leading to Takeoff’s death was as a result of a misunderstanding during a dice game but a lady who claimed to have been at the location said the whole thing was am accident.

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