‘I’m home’, Rick Ross refers to Zimbabwe Africa, his home after receiving a warm welcome

Popular American rapper, Rick Ross has referred to Zimbabwe Africa, as his home after receiving a warm welcome upon his recent visit.

In a video shared by Rozay on his Instagram page, the awards winning rapper was seen so happily dancing among beautiful traditional dancers in a traditional Zimbabwean style.

Watch the video below…

Rick Ross buys a wrist watch worth $1.5 million, delivered to him with heavily armed men

Rick Ross has purchased a wrist watch which is worth $1,500,000.

The price of the watch has overwhelmed fans of the rapper online. Some say that’s the allocation of a local government somewhere in Africa.

Apart from music, the rapper is a businessman who’s successful in his business.

Rick Rose set to host a yard sale for his clothes, says he needs space in his mansion

Rick Ross is in dilemma with what to do with his clothes after his closet is full.

The rapper is asking for suggestions on what to do with all these clothes and shoes he has outside his closet.

The whole mansion is filled with used and unused shoes with clothes on the floor while he steps on them to make this video which is going viral.

‘Take advantage of opportunities & build on it, life’s short’, Rick Ross’s shares words of wisdom

Rick Ross has shared some words of wisdom with his followers early in the morning.

Rozay advised his followers to take advantage of opportunities that comes their way and build on it because life is short.

Watch the video below…

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