“I’m going back to sleep and I’m never drinking again” – Cardi B

Rapper Cardi B has revealed that she is never drinking again. However, it is unknown why she is making such claims because she has not disclosed anything.

Cardi B in a recent tweet made the revelations. This came after a fan tweeted a picture of her in which she wrote, “Cardi B looks so damn good.”

The rapper retweeted the picture and wrote in the caption, “Just know I just woke up and I’m going back to sleep again and I’m never drinking again.”

Cardi seemed to have had a hangover from a previous night out. In subsequent tweets, she revealed she had been to a party the previous night. In one tweet she said, “Last night was dangerous”

She also posted a photo of her cousin who she was partying with and wrote, “Woke up again from that alcohol coma ……I feel much better now”

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