Hajia4real released from police custody in the UK

Embattled Ghanaian socialite Hajia Mona also known as Hajia 4Real has been released after she was arrest in the United Kingdom couple of days ago for allegedly $8 million dollar fraud.

According to Gh hyper who is a close associate of the Mona, indicated that Hajia is in the UK, she is fine but traumatized as a result of the address.

He further stated that “Just that whatever happened it has really demoralized her because the way Ghanaians treated her wasn’t the best because look at somebody that you people claim she is a prostitute, Ghanaians took her that she is a prostitute, and she managed to veer off from that to do something on her own,” 

look at her music career, when she started people were like ‘argh what is she doing?’ but as time goes on, people are falling in love with her craft, she was fast rising and you people decided to clamp her down like this

He concluded by affirming that, Hajia 4 Real will later address the public through a communiqué.

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