Elon Musk’s poll about reinstating Donald Trump back to Twitter gets millions of ‘yes’ votes

Elon Musk’s poll about reinstating former president, Donald Trump back to Twitter has gained millions of ‘yes’ votes.

The total votes is over 10 million with 52% of people saying yes and 48% saying no.

“Trump poll getting ~1M votes/hour!”, says Elon Musk on the poll.

He also tweeted saying; “Fascinating to watch Twitter Trump poll!”

Reactions to Trum poll

There were some reactions.

Saylor wrote; “With 116.6 million followers, your polls are starting to become statistically significant. What if Twitter had an “All Users” poll that you could push to every single twitter account to find out what the entire network is thinking, with no particular adverse selection?”

Elon Musk replied; “When polls are about a significant question, even those who don’t follow me tend to hear about it. That said, I agree with the idea of an all-user poll. Should also be an all-user by country poll.”

Adel wrote;

“He’s the former president of the United States for goodness sake, how is this even a question. Banning Trump from Twitter should have NEVER happened, it’s probably the most embarrassing moment for US history besides Biden taking office! It’s a disgrace.”

Code of verts;

“I voted Yes. I am speechless that this is a poll. Asking us if our former President and CIC, who we love and respect, should be allowed access to this platform?

It makes me sick. I cannot accept this is where we are as a nation. We have sacrificed so much for Freedom”


“The most embarrassing moment in US history was voting Trump as president. You were the laughing stock of the world, and any credibility you had was gone. In fact, it’s still hilarious now.”

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