DJ Cuppy engaged by British boxer, Ryan Taylor at the Gumball award night in Abu Dhabi, all you need to know

Nigerian Billionaire, Femi Otedola’s daughter, DJ Cuppy had been engaged by her British boxer boyfriend, Ryan Taylor at the Gumball award night in Abu Dhabi.

Surprised Cuppy said yes to his proposal as he hugged him passionately while the crowd roar in excitement.

Many people actually thought, Dj Cuppy was single until her engagement came in.

Ryan Taylor, DJ Cuppy’s fiancée.

Watch the video of the engagement below…

Video of DJ Cuppy’s engagement.

10 interesting things to know about Ryan Taylor

DJ Cuppy has been receiving congratulatory messages from fans and celebrities following her engagement to boxer Ryan Taylor.

– Here are 10 interesting things to know about Ryan Taylor.

– Ryan was born in 1993 while Cuppy was born in 1992.

– He celebrated his 28th birthday on March 18, 2021.

– He is a boxer and YouTuber.

– Ryan is a close friend of professional boxer Anthony Joshua.

– He was born ìn London and raised in Walsall, West Midlands.

– His mum Julie suffers from anxiety.

– Ryan loves racing in sport cars.

– The boxer was disqualified from his debut fight for head-butting his opponent DK Money in March.

– Ryan visited Nigeria in March 2021.

– He is also friends with Deji Olatunji who recently fought Floyd Mayweather in Dubai.

Fans reactions to Dj Cuppy engagement

Some fans has reacted to the engagement of Dj Cuppy:


“One thing about marrying a lady from a rich home is that some people will Automatically thinks she pays all the bills.”


“Congratulations Florence, you deserve the best and every bit of the happiness you are getting right now, those who has mocked you over the years can now rejoice and testify with you. God’s time is indeed the best”


“Wow! that’s a good one. Congratulations Florence. I am so happy for you. Such a happy lady.

You shocked them. ( Why is she still single circus”


“I’m happy for her.,but I was expecting her to be engaged to a good hearted,lovely Nigerian guy..,but it’s ok if that’s who love led her to.”


“Congratulations to Dj cuppy, she deserves the best and every bit of happiness she is getting right now. I remembered bullying she got all because her sister got engaged before her. God’s time is truly the best.”


“Thought she was single naw and we all agreed to fear men… she betrayed us, she led us astray. Why will people be saying God when and before you know it they’re engaged. Una dey hide una relationships.
Congratulations Cuppy.”

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