Did Cardo die in brothers?

FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (English: FPJ’s The Provincial Man / International title: Brothers) is a 2015 Philippine action drama television series produced by FPJ Productions, based on the 1997 Fernando Poe, Jr. film of the same name. Coco Martin stars in the film, which also features an ensemble cast. On September 28, 2015, the series replaced Nathaniel on ABS-Primetime CBN’s Bida nightly block and was broadcast worldwide via The Filipino Channel. It broadcast on ABS-CBN until May 5, 2020, when the network was shut down owing to the non-renewal of its charter. On June 15, 2020, it will return on Kapamilya Channel and will be broadcast on other network platforms.

There are five story arcs in the story.

From September 28, 2015 to May 24, 2017, Book 1 (Syndicate Arc) spanned the first and second seasons, concentrating on a variety of crimes that may or may not be tied to the primary arc of the Tuazon Family’s powerful and corrupt human trafficking and drug ring.

Book 2 (Rebellion Arc), which spans the third and fourth seasons, focuses on Ricardo Dalisay’s efforts to put an end to the vilified rebel group known as the Pulang Araw, his undercover work as a member of the group, and later forming his own vigilante group, Vendetta, with both his allies from Pulang Araw and prison to combat corruption, terrorism, and other crimes.

Book 3 (Political Arc) consists of the show’s fifth and sixth seasons, which focus on the larger political drama in the Philippines. It premiered on March 15, 2018 and ended on April 5, 2019.

Book 4 (Crime & Corruption Arc) begins with the show’s seventh season, which premiered on April 8, 2019, and sees the return of Oscar Hidalgo to the presidency, as well as the formation of a special task force led by Ricardo Dalisay, to combat crimes and corruption in the aftermath of Cabrera’s presidency. In the eighth season, they will be focusing on a new threat and violence will continue to take down Cardo as a “criminal” led by the corrupt First Lady Lily Ann-Cortez, Secretary Arturo Padua, his long-time nemesis Renato Hipolito, and his right-hand man Jacob Serrano as one of his greatest foes on his dangerous missions to save President Oscar Hidalgo at the Philippine palace.

Following the death of drug lord Enrique Vera at the hands of Task Force Agila, and having avenged the murder of Audrey, the sister of P/Cpt. Lia Mante and daughter of Fernando Mante, Cardo and his team travel to the north in search of a new hiding place in Book 5 (International Arc).

FPJ ang probinsyano Cardo death

On Thursday, FPJ’s “Ang Probinsyano” hit a new all-time high in viewership on Kapamilya Online Live, with an action-packed episode in which Cardo (Coco Martin) appears to die, leaving viewers to wonder if the legendary hero cop was truly dead.

In the episode “Inasinta,” Cardo compelled Lily (Lorna Tolentino), Arturo (Tirso Cruz III), and Renato (John Arcilla) to confront him in front of the media at an abandoned airport, while he held Mariano (Rowell Santiago), the phony president they had brought into power as their puppet, prisoner.

Cardo forced Lily, Arturo, and Renato to eventually acknowledge their schemes by threatening to detonate a bomb tied to Mariano, and the press captured their confessions for all to see. So Cardo reasoned.

The alleged members of the media drew their weapons and aimed them towards Cardo at Lily’s direction. Cardo had been put up by the First Lady, it found out.

Cardo was shot by Lito (Richard Gutierrez), another of his mortal rivals who now led Black Ops with Albert, despite being outnumbered and besieged – Agila members were watching from the perimeter (Geoff Eigenmann).

Cardo collapsed to the ground, coughed blood, and lay motionless for the duration of the gunfight between Lily’s gang and Agila that followed.

While Cardo’s comrades were determined to save him, they were forced to leave as Lily, Arturo, Renato, and Lito’s combined shooters pursued them away from their airport.

Lily also threw the bomb at a fleeing Mariano and declared victory while standing over Cardo, whom she thought was dead.

According to a statistic from producer Dreamscape Entertainment, the program’s audience progressively rose and peaked at 251,742 concurrent live viewers — a new record for “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano” — when the episode aired on Kapamilya Online Live.

A barrage of comments on the livestream questioned if Cardo was indeed dead, with some anticipating a twist to explain how he managed to escape being shot.

Cardo has appeared to die several times in the series’ nearly seven-year existence, including in the June 2 episode. Cardo’s ability to avoid death on multiple occasions has become a meme, with fans saying that Ador isn’t his only identical twin, and that he has several more who take his place when he “dies.”

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