Darius Zayas cause of death, net worth, death scene

Darius Zayas came to the limelight due to his marriage with actress cum comedian, Stevie Ryan and he’s an American producer born on January 1st, 1982 in the United States of America however there’s not much information about his parents, childhood, and siblings.

Darius Zayas has lived a private life as his only fame came as a result of being the husband of Steve Ryan hence his education background and qualifications remain unknown but had his education at the local school in his hometown and also attends college but it’s unknown as it’s not made public by him.

Darius Zayas personal life

Darius Zayas

Before Darius Zayas met Stevie Ryan, he worked in the entertainment industry, and by professional he’s a producer and also worked with some blogs however his wife, Stevie Ryan is an actress, television personality, and comedian.

Stevie Ryan made a huge name for herself after she played the role of sketch comedy VH1 series Stevie TV.

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Darius Zayas net worth

Darius Zayas

He’s living comfortably with his family and has since accumulated a good sum of fortune from his work as he’s estimated to have over a million-dollar and his late wife, Stevie Ryan at the time of her death had $600k

Darius Zayas cause of death

Darius Zayas is still alive and not dead but his wife, Stevie Ryan is rather dead after committing suicide by hanging herself on July 1st, 2017. Stevie was said to have been battling depression following the death of her grandfather on 29th June 2017 and after she died Darius Zayas has gone silent and hasn’t been on the digital space.

Stevie Ryan death scene

The death scene of Stevie Ryan was never captured on camera as the police quickly rash in to avoid intruders from getting an image of the scene

Source: Cbgist.com

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