“Archbishop Duncan-Williams has failed as a pastor for allowing his son go wayward”, Bongo

Daniel Duncan Williams, the son of Ghanaian charismatic pioneer, the presiding archbishop and general overseer of the Action Chapel International ( ACI ) ministry, Duncan Williams Nicholas has been spotted with rapper Eno in a post.

In the post, Eno was standing close to Daniel Duncan Williams in a manner that gets social media talking.

If folks could remember, Daniel Duncan Williams opened up before about how he is finding it difficult to live according to the principles of Christianity. Some years back, Daniel became the talk of the town for his controversial way of life, such as posting of n*des online, attacking his father, just to mention only a few.

In relation to his latest post, some netizens think Daniels lifestyle is as result of his upbringing. Either he was over pampered or was under strict supervision when he was young. Others also condemn his lifestyle because as a son of famous preacher and general overseer, who preaches and encourage family virtues.

According to Bongo, his father has failed as a pastor to allow his son go wayward; “Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has failed as a pastor for allowing his son to go wayward. If you can’t lead your own home, you can’t lead a church. Disappointing!”

He added; “A revered “man of God” who preaches and encourages family virtues must not have a home that breeds unrepentant vagabonds. It contravenes his teachings.”

Take a lot at some of the reactions below…

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